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The Monthly Report of the Iraqi Parliament Monitor for January 2014
The Monthly Report of the Iraqi Parliament Monitor for: December 2013
The Monthly Report of the Iraqi Parliament Monitor for November 2013


Iraqi Constitution
Session Discussion for Iraqi Parliament

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Second session/ Second period/ Fourth Year

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Name : Hassan Abdulnabi Abbas
Place and Date of Birth :
Academic Achievement : Bachelor
Political Entity : State of Law Coalition
Electoral Votes No. : 0
Conservative Electoral : Basra
Political Party :


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Iraqi Parliament adjourns the emergency session (12-6-2014)


 The Iraqi House of Representatives adjourned its emergency session due to the lack of quorum. The session was supposed to be held on Thursday 12/6/2014, after the speaker of the House of Representatives called for it on last Tuesday, at the request of the Ministers' Presidency and Presidency of the Republic, to announce the status of emergency in the country due to Ninawa incidents.


  Iraqi Parliament adjourns its session until further notice
  Parliament postpones the session due to lack of quorum
  House of Representatives concludes its fifteenth session


House of Representatives Elections, 2010
Extended Seminar in The Iraqi Parliament
The Opening Session of the House of Representatives 2010
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June Report


The Iraqi Parliament Monitor has finished the monthly report on the work of the Iraqi Council of Representatives for June 2013. The report has been published on the Monitor website, noting that the report included only three sessions which are the beginning of the first legislative term for the fourth year. 


  May Report  
  First Quarterly Report for 2013  


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