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Second session/ Second period/ Fourth Year

  Session Items
Session Report





Second session/ Second period/ Fourth Year 2013-12-19 4.25 Hour Session with Agenda
Attendees : 291 Deputy
Absence with Excused : 0 Deputy
Absence without Excused : 34 Deputy
Session Items
Session Report

 On 19/12/2013, the Iraqi Council of Representatives (CoR) held its 2nd session of the 2nd term of the 4th legislative period chaired by the Speaker H.E. Osama al-Nujaifi:

-         222 MPs attended the session;

-         The two Committees on Human Rights and Culture and Media read out a joint statement denouncing the increase in the number of attacks targeting journalists and their assassination in a number of Iraq governorates among which is Ninevah and Sulaimaniya, pleading the local government in Ninevah and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to bring the perpetrators to justice and to activate the Law of Journalists Protection;

-         The Committee on Endowments and Religious Affairs read out a statement congratulating the Iraqi people in general and the Yazidees in particular on the occasion of Yazeed’s Fast starting from tomorrow Friday for three days, wishing peace, security, tolerance and brotherly coexistence for all the people of Iraq;

-         H.E. al-Nujaifi called on the parliamentary committees to speed up submitting the laws on political parties, the unified pension, the federation council and the federal court, giving these laws the priority on the agendas of the coming sessions. The Speaker also pointed out that the CoR has finished the 2nd reading for 46 laws and the 1st reading for 50 laws, in addition to voting on 208 laws;

-         The Committee on Security and Defense commended the heroic move by the martyr soldier Ayyob al-Khalisi, who embraced a terrorist trying to attack marchers of Arbaeeniya of Imam Husain (PBUH) in Al-Khalis District, pointing out that the sacrifice of this martyr sheds light on noble attitudes from which lessons should be learned by all. The statement also called on the government to honor the martyr financially and morally and to name one of the streets of Al-Khalis after his name;

-         The CoR voted on the legislative proposal for the law of accession of the Republic of Iraq to the agreement on banning or limiting the use of certain traditional weapons that can be considered of excessive damage or random effect, as well as the protocols attached to this agreement. The proposal is submitted by the three Committees on Foreign Affairs, Security and Defense and Legal Affairs;

-         The CoR voted on the legislative proposal for the payment of study grants to the primary schools pupils, submitted by the two Committees on Education and Finance. The proposal aims to increase the number of pupils joining schools, decrease the number of drop-outs and improve family income;

-         The CoR deliberated on the issue of targeting the Turkmen component of Tuz Khormato District and areas in the north of Baghdad, following a request submitted by MP Hasan Ozmen. Mr. Ozmen stressed that Turkmen areas in general have been hit by terrorist attacks that continued despite many parties stressing the importance of intervention to prevent what is happening in that city;

-         H.E. al-Nujaifi also called on the Committees on Security and Defense, Legal Affairs, Human Rights and Governorates Affairs to expedite drafting a number of recommendations and solutions related to Turkmen victims in Tuz Khormato to be approved by the CoR. The Speaker also announced that the CoR intends to hold a meeting with the federal government and the KRG to find a solution;

-         The CoR finished the 2nd reading of legislative proposal for the Iraqi Scientific Academy submitted by the two Committees on Higher Education and Legal Affairs;

The CoR finished the 1st reading of the legislative proposal for the 1st amendment to the Compensation Law to Victims of War Actions, Military Mistakes and Terrorist Acts No. 20 for 2009 submitted by the two Committees on Martyrs and Political Victims and Prisoners and Legal Affairs.

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