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Dr. Salem Abdullah Aljboure, he was born in August 1971. In Almokdadea township in Deala governorate, east of Iraq. He was a member in the Iraqi parliament in 2010, he is also a member in Iraqi Islamic Party, he won in 2014 elections for Deala is our Identity register. His register was joined to the National Powers Union, the union nominated him to assume the post of the speaker of the Iraqi parliament. Actually he managed to win, the eldest member in the parliament Mahde Alhafez put on July 15-2014 the names of Salem Aljboure and MP of Democratic Civilian Alliance Shorouk Alabaeje, in order to vote on them and elect one of them to be the speaker of the parliament. Aljboure managed to win the majority of votes, he wins 194 votes out of 237. However, MP Alabaeje obtained only 19 votes.     








Issuing Iraqi Parliamentary Monitor Final Report


Issuing the Final Report of The Iraqi Parliamentary Monitor, Second Electoral Term 

- The Iraqi Parliamentary monitor issued, its final report of observing the Iraqi parliament performance of the second electoral term 2010-2014. In Oil Cultural Center hall on 22-11-2014, in the presence of many politicians, journalists, media figures, academics, civil community institutions and civil community activists, besides newspaper reporters, news agencies and satellite channels. The final report were distributed on attendants, most important points in the report were showed by the monitor team.



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