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Iraqi Constitution
Session Discussion for Iraqi Parliament

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Extraordinary Session

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  Deputies By Parliamentary Committees Economy and Investment

Ahmad Saleem Abdulrahman Ali President
Noura Salim Muhammad Hammad Vice President
Burhan Kadhim Abdullah Hasson Member
Jameela Mohammad Sultan Sawadi Member
Jawad Kadhim Eedan Abid Member
Harish Shinshil Saneed Alharithi Member
Zaitoon Hussein Murad Hammadi Member
Sabhan Sulaiman Salbi Ahmad Member
Abdulsalam Abdulmohsin Armsh Member
Abdulkarim Abdulsahib Mohammad Hassan Member
Othman Tahir Haji Tahir Member
Ali Subhie Kamil Muhammad Hassan Member
Najeeba Najeeb Ibrahim Khalid Member
Yahya Ahmad Faraj Hamadi Member


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