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Extraordinary Session

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Session 26, First Term, First Year 2014-11-01 4 Hour Session with Agenda
Attendees : 318 Deputy
Absence with Excused : 0 Deputy
Absence without Excused : 24 Deputy
Session Items
Session Report

 - The Iraqi parliament held ,on 1-11-2014 the session (26) of the first legislative term /first legislative year . Headed by the speaker of the parliament Salim Aljboure, in the presence of (215) MPs. The session is included :  

- Salem Aljboure has confirmed, that the sevenfold committe is established to facilitate choosing committees members. The parliamentary blocs can benefit from its recommendations to choose chair, deputy chair, rapporteurs. This committee has no power to release decisions .     

- MP. Ala Talabane has read, a statement in the anniversary of Imam Hussein martyrdom. She pointed out in her statement that all humanity is participating in retrospect Imam Hussein martyrdom , which commits us to impart the noble meanings and to be stable on principles and justice .   

- MP. Abed Alrahman Al-loueze has read, a statement about the security and humane situations in Nenawa governorate. He pointed out in his statement to the increasing crisis there, power off and campaigns of Daesh, the terrorist group, to arrest army officers, politicians, activists and mass execution. Calling for holding an extraordinary session at the parliament, to discuss the humane situation in the governorate. He also called the cabinet to do its tasks completely to alleviate people suffering.       

- MP. Joseph Slewa has read a statement, in the fourth ceremony of Saedt Alnajat Church massacre. He condemned in his statement, the crime of terrorist where they made an offence on the church while the innocent people were praying and also they forced Christians to leave Nenawa, for the first time since two thousands years. Confirming on that Christians are insisting to stay in Iraq, in spite of what terrorist are doing.

  –  MP. Fares Alfares has read, a statement about the situations in Alanbar governorate, in the name of provincial council, he indicated the current emergency situations in Alanbar. Characterized by the terrorist group of Daesh.         

- The first reading of the bill of organizing Turkmen rights. Which is presented by the committee of human rights.    

- The council outvoted ,in principle, on the bill of organizing Turkmen rights. After the first reading of the bill.      

- Reading the notes and recommendations of the permanent parliamentary committee of displaced issues.     

- The council voted on the recommendations. Which are included in the report of the permanent parliamentary committee of displaced issues, in order to be included in the parliament resolution.  

- First reading of labor bill. Which is presented by the committees of labor and social affairs and civil community foundations. 59 articles have been completely read from 157 articles.    

It is decided to adjourn the session.  

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