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Session 29, First Term, First Year 2014-11-15 3 Hour Session with Agenda
Attendees : 320 Deputy
Absence with Excused : 0 Deputy
Absence without Excused : 21 Deputy
Session Items
Session Report

- The Iraqi parliament held, on 15-11-2014 the session (29) of the first legislative term, first year, third term. Headed by the speaker of the Iraqi parliament Salem Aljboure, in the presence of (217) MPs. It is included:

- Mr. Salem Aljboure called,the committee of education and the committee of displaced to host Minister of education, in order to, discuss displaced students affairs.

- The parliament voted, on forming a parliamentary investigative committee, upon a request of 89 MPs. To investigate reasons of Nenawa governorate overthrow and the involved people in it. This committee will include representatives of the governorate and others from other blocs, the committee of security and defense will supervise on the investigation.

- Mr. Salem Aljboure congratulated, electing of chairmanships of some of parliamentary committees. Calling to choose rest of chairmanships quickly.

- Re-back read of a bill of Republic of Iraq accession to International railway agreement in Levant and its two protocols. Which is presented by the committee of facilities and construction, and the committee of foreign affairs. Which was read last session, in order to amend the objections about it.

It is decided to adjourn the session to Monday on 17-11-2014.

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