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(8)session / first term /first year

  Session Items
Session Report




  Deputies By Sort Political Entities Maan for law

Abdul Salam Abdul Mohsen Aramesh Taqi
Abdulalah Ali Mohammed Taher
Abdulhadi Mohan Abdullah Ismail
Aboud Wahid Aboud Anied
Adnan Hadi Nour Ali Mohammed Al - Asadi
Ahmed Salim Abdel Rahman Ali
Alia Nassim Jasim Aziz
Ammar Kadhim Obaid Jassim
Hussein Ahmed Hadi Hussein
kaatiea Najman Jaloud
Kadhim Fingan Hussein Didan
Khalaf Abdul Samad Khalaf Ali
Nouri Kamel Mohammed Hassan
Safaa Muslim Bandar Salman


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