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Total Votes



(8)session / first term /first year

  Session Items
Session Report




  Deputies By Provinces Anbar

Abdullah Abdul Hamid Dhiab Kharbit
Adel Khamis Abdullatif Fadel
Faisal Hussein Jabar Abbas
Faleh Younes Hassan Jeddou
Haibt Hamad Abbas Abdul Jabbar
Ibtisam Mohammed Darb Khalaf
Kareem Aftan Ahmed Gritish
Mohammed Nasser Daly Ahmed
Mohammed Rikan Hadid Ali
Nahla Hamad Abd Saleh
Nahla Jabbar Khalifa Mohsen
Qasim Mohammed Abdul Hammadi
Saadoun Jawer Farhan Al - Dulaimi
Samiaa Mohammed Khalifa Al - Ghalab
Yahya Ghazi Abd Latif


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