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(8)session / first term /first year

  Session Items
Session Report




  Deputies By Educational Attainment Doctorate

Abdel Rahman Omar Mohammed Omar
Abdul-Bari Majeed Abdullah Abdul-Kareem
Aboud Wahid Aboud Anied
Ahmed Abdullah Abdul Khalaf
Ahmed Suleiman Yassin Suleiman
Ali Yousif Abdulnabi Omran
Anam Mazid Nazil Derbash
Ba Har Mahmoud Fattah Ahmed
Enas Naji Kadhim Ibrahim
Ghaida Saeed Abdul Majeed Abdul Hussein
Haidar Jawad Kadhim Abadi
Haitham Ramadan Abd Ali Harit
Hassan Mohammed Kadhim Alwan
Hunaen Mahmoud Ahmed Qado
Iqbal Abdelhussein Abogry Maati
Joan Ehsan Fawzi Rashid
Khalaf Abdul Samad Khalaf Ali
majeda abdulateef mohammed ali
Majid Ahdab Jaber Sajit
Manahel Jalil Ali Hussein
Mohammed Ali Mohammed Tamim
Mohammed Ali Saleh Baqer
Mohammed Iqbal Omar Mahmoud Abdullah
Mohammed Shaker Mohammed Saleh Seto Ibrahim
Nada Shaker Jawdat Diab
Rebwar Hadi Abdel Rahman Prime
Suad Jabbar Mohammed Ali
Vian Sabri Abdel Khalek Abdelkader
Yousif Mohammed Sadiq Abdulkader
Zafer Nazem Salman Mahmoud


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