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Session (46) / first semester / third year

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(8)session / first term /first year 2018-10-15 5.5 Hour Session with Agenda
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Session Items
Voting on a resolution regarding the special grades and decisions granted and issued by the government during the period of conducting businesses after the elections (The Legal Committee) Not Executed
The Formation of permanent parliamentary committees for the House of Representatives. Executed
General topic for discussion (Central Acceptance Plan/Conducting the third round exams for higher education/ Expanding the acceptance plan for postgraduate education) In the presence of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Executed
Session Report

 House of Representatives had held their eighth session on October 15th,2018 for the first term of the first year under the chairmanship of Mr. Muhammad al-Halbousi, in the presence of 232 deputies. The session concluded the followings:

- The Chairman Council had directed the Provisional Legal Committee to prepare a resolution form that includes all decisions issued by assigning the persons and hiring them for their special grades outside the competence of the Council of Ministers from the date July 1st,2018 until the formation of the new government. If in case the new government decides to assign persons to any position then this must be presented to the House of Representatives.
- The Council voted to amend two articles of the rules procedure for the House of Representatives especially the formation of 27 committees of the permanent parliamentary committees (70). The number of its members is less than 7 members and not more than 19 members (73)

- The council hosted Mr. Abdul Razzaq al-Issa the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research to discuss the central acceptance plan and to conduct the third round exams for higher education and to expand the acceptance plan for postgraduate education.
- Mr. Abdul Razzaq al-Issa clarified in the necessity to move away from the ministerial examination in the acceptance plans by adopting the cumulative examination mechanism and to conduct an acceptance examination in accordance with an experiment carried out in 2015 which did not succeed. This led us to conduct other mechanisms: the scientific biomedical or applied scientific. He had shown the necessity to form a joint committee with the Ministry of Education to formulate policies for central acceptance.

Mr.Al-Issa pointed out that 1152 students exceeded averages of 100% during the current year. He expressed the objection of the ministry to the existence of this number of students being problematic as well as the existence of more than 12 thousand students received averages ranging from 95% to 100% of all cannot be accepted in medical colleges. Referring to the allocation of 6655 seats in medical colleges, the numbers are very large compared to their rates, which proves the absence of a statistical index of natural distribution. He stressed out that the ministry should cancel the biological and applied system and return to the scientific and literary system with the need to adopt other mechanisms, including the grade point average in the secondary and preparatory studies.

- President Al- Halbousi declared the participation of both Mr.  Hassan Kareem Al-Kaabi, first deputy president for the house of representative and Mr. Bashir Al-hidad, vice-president of the council in the opinion body of the ministry of higher education alleged to be conducted next Wednesday. Taking into consideration the requests of ladies and gentlemen to take into account the exceptional circumstances for students of special requests to expand the central acceptance plan and solve the increase of application on the medical field; as well as the loading system or granting a third round exams for students. In case no agreement or decision has been reached with the opinion body a proposal will be submitted to the new minister of higher education, stressing on not to vote for the new minister only if the approval will implement the decisions to serve the students.

- The speaker of House of Representatives directed the ladies and gentlemen to be prepared to attend the voting session for electing the new government. It will be specified by a date during the coming days by the chairmanship of the Council.
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