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The Monthly Report of the Iraqi Parliament Monitor for January 2014
The Monthly Report of the Iraqi Parliament Monitor for: December 2013
The Monthly Report of the Iraqi Parliament Monitor for November 2013


Iraqi Constitution
Session Discussion for Iraqi Parliament


Second session/ Second period/ Fourth Year

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Al-Rafidain List 3 Deputy
Coalition and Unity of Iraq 4 Deputy
Engineer Abdullah Mohammed Jamshid 1 Deputy
Iraqi Accordance 6 Deputy
Iraqi Free Bloc 7 Deputy
Iraqi National Coalition 70 Deputy
Iraqiya List 75 Deputy
Islamic Group 2 Deputy
Khalid Amin Romi 1 Deputy
Kurdistan Alliance 43 Deputy
Kurdistan Change List 8 Deputy
Kurdistan Islamic Union 4 Deputy
Patriots 3 Deputy
Popular Council of Chaldean Syriac Assyrian 2 Deputy
State of Law Coalition 89 Deputy
White Iraqiya List (Albaidaa) 6 Deputy
Yazidi Movement for Reform and Progress 1 Deputy


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