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Iraqi Constitution Ayad Muhsin .... Special to Madark

Iraqi constitution

Breaches of continuous monitoring is active

yad Muhsin

The Constitution is the document supreme in the country ... which is the only guarantee of the rights and freedoms of individuals and sedate their political system ... determines the way of governance in the country and shows the nature of the relationship between the authorities and the vision embodied in the Constitution represents a vision that peace with the community leaders and citizens and become after acknowledging that reference in the management of all things, the political and executive in the state and enjoys texts supremely special kind of makes the issue of amendment passes mechanics is not easy in most cases.

And some countries resort to different methods to provide protection to the Constitution and this means different States have different and times.

There censorship parliamentary by forming a committee of the legislature engaged in this task and there is judicial control over the constitutionality of laws and are censorship here by eliminating as protector of law in general and Alsahraly proper application including preventing the legislature from exceeding the terms of reference set by the Constitution, which is also a Rules State.
And judicial oversight are two ways they are either
1 - censorship by the original case and that the establishment of a lawsuit directly against the law is unconstitutional.
2 - or control through a lawsuit to pay the unconstitutionality of the law is not based directly against the law, but there is a dispute concerning certain rights and adhere to one of the disputants before the court declared unconstitutional a law in order to gain the lawsuit.
There are also controls for through public opinion, including represented and expressed by citizens and the media, trade unions and associations and civil society organizations as monitors of any breach, monitor and protest against him

Control in the Iraqi constitution
He said the Iraqi constitution to two types of controls that ensure respect for the provisions of the Constitution and protect it from rags

In the article (61 / VI / b) the text of the Constitution, parliamentary oversight while giving Parliament the right to exempt President of the Republic by an absolute majority of its members after being convicted by the Federal Supreme Court in the cases are
1 - Perjury in swearing
2 - violation of the Constitution

But the parliamentary oversight that we have mentioned above are not absolute censorship of the House of Representatives to protect the constitution but is limited violations from the President of the Republic and thus The House of Representatives is a specialist violations committed by the prime minister or head of the House of Representatives, or any entity or other institution, but have jurisdiction view the rest of the violations of the Federal Supreme Court limited a second method of control methods

Referred to by the Constitution, which is the control and jurisdiction mentioned in Article (93) of the Constitution as indicated in paragraph (1) of this Article that the Federal Supreme Court shall control the constitutionality of laws and regulations in force

Principle Highness in the Iraqi constitution

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