Do you think the performance of the current House of Representatives is better than the previous session?


Total Vote 5532


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Sex   Male  
Province   Salah Al-Din  
Constituencies   1  
Birth Date   1978  
Social Status   Married  
Certificate   Bachelor's Degree  
Specialization   Unavailable at the Moment  
Electoral Votes No.   12654  
Electoral Cycles   Two Electoral Cycles  
Alliance   Iraq Azm Alliance / Azm  
Party   Al-Masaar Party  
Membership Committees   Finance  
Nationality   Arabic  
Religion   Muslim  
Previous Job   Unavailable at the Moment  


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 Attendance - Sessions No. : 1
 Unexcused Absence - Sessions No. : 0
 Excused Absence - Sessions No. : 0

  Proposed Law 2022-03-28 Session (5) \ First semester \ first year
  Proposed Law 2023-02-09 Session (5) / first semester / second year
  Proposed Law 2022-11-08 Session (9) / second semester / first year