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Date : 2022-07-23
Duration : 05:25Hour
Type : Agenda Session
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Session Items
Firstly: Discussing Turkish aggressions on Iraqi territory (in the presence of the Minister of Defense, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Chief of Army Staff). Executor
Session Details

  On (23/7/2022), the House of Representatives held its first session of the second legislative term of the first legislative year of the fifth electoral cycle under the chairmanship of Mohammed Al-Halbousi in the presence of (242) representatives and the session included:


- Members of the House read Surah Al-Fatiha in mercy on the lives of the victims of the Turkish aggression and the martyrs of Iraqis, after which Mr. Al-Halbousi welcomed the presence of the officials to the meeting of the House.

- The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Fouad Hussein, gave an explanation of the reasons for the attack on the village of Barkh in the city of Zakho last Wednesday, pointing out that the Prime Minister directed the formation of a military, administrative and political committee to go to the area of the bombardment, which led to the death of 9 citizens and the wounding of 31 others.

- Mr. Hussein reviewed in his speech the nature of the relationship between Iraq and Turkey since the demarcation of the border between the two countries and the conclusion of agreements between them decades ago, pointing to the existence of an official record signed by the then Iraqi Foreign Minister Tariq Aziz with his Turkish counterpart in 1984 and for only one year and related to allowing the entry of Turkish forces inside Iraqi territory at a distance of 5 kilometers, noting the registration of more than 22 thousand and 700 Turkish violations since 2018 against the sovereignty of Iraq and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 296 memoranda of protest against Turkish interventions were recently included with the complaint submitted to the UN Security Council towards Turkey.

- The minister pointed out that the Security Council will hold next Tuesday an emergency session to discuss Turkish aggressions against Iraq, especially since the recent incident is a clear violation of Iraqi sovereignty and international conventions.

- The session included clarifications by Mr. Juma Anad, Minister of Defense and Commanders, Chief of Army Staff and Deputy Chief of Joint Operations on Turkish excesses, the presence of PKK elements inside Iraq and on the nature of the rugged areas where its armed elements are present, as well as an explanation of the circumstances of the bombing of the tourist area of Barkh by Turkish forces, especially after the visit of a military government delegation to the region, in addition to demanding the strengthening of Iraqi military capabilities in a manner that lives up to the current challenges.

- Representative Khalid Al-Obeidi, Chairman of the Security and Defense Committee, stressed the importance of confronting Turkish violations and its military presence inside Iraq, which he considered a Turkish occupation of part of our country, on the Iraqi state to take the necessary measures in all ways to stop the Turkish intervention and the presence of their forces in northern Iraq in addition to preventing the unjustified presence of terrorist elements inside Iraq, noting the ability of the Iraqi military forces to hold the border with neighbor Turkey, calling for a firm and serious position from the House of Representatives against the excesses, indicating that The entry of Turkish troops in 2015 at Camp Zlikan inside Iraq was without the approval of the federal government at the time.

- The Security and Defense Committee recommended the removal of PKK elements from Iraq, the withdrawal of all Turkish forces, the redeployment of federal forces along the border adjacent to Turkey, the cancellation of security agreements if any with Turkey and the review of the budget of the Ministry of Defense to enhance its military capabilities.

- The interventions of the ladies and gentlemen of the representatives included the unification of Iraqi political and official positions to confront illegal external violations and the government's taking deterrent measures against the ongoing Turkish violations on Iraq's sovereignty, preventing the use of its territory as an arena for settling scores, demanding the expulsion of the Turkish ambassador from Baghdad, closing land ports and reconsider commercial dealings with Turkey, in addition to demanding an official Turkish apology to Iraq for military aggressions against its people and territory and withdrawing Turkish forces from inside Iraqi territory, as well as a statement of the obstacles behind the inability of the border to be held by the federal forces and the demand for the activation of the Sinjar Agreement, the removal of PKK elements and the start of taking over the reins of responsibility by the border forces and the Peshmerga.

- The interventions focused on redrawing relations between Iraq and neighboring countries and the federal government's to take its constitutional responsibilities in preserving the dignity and sovereignty of the country through government channels, stressing the support of the Iraqi military institution to develop its defense capabilities, demanding the formation of a committee to investigate previous governments that allowed the Turkish army and PKK forces to be present on Iraqi territory and working to take a decision to expel the militants from the PKK, as well as demanding compensation for the families of the victims of the Turkish bombing and the wounded Iraqis, in addition to issuing a strict decision  rises to the level of the crime committed by the Turkish forces.

- The Speaker of the House directed the formation of a House committee consisting of the Security and Defense Committees and Foreign Relations to keep pace with the government effort towards this crisis and follow up the government's actions with international bodies to handle the problem, that the House committee submits its report to the House of Representatives next Tuesday in order to take the necessary action, pointing out the above to diagnose some problems with regard to the maintenance of the border adjacent to Turkey, the absence of coordination between the Federal Ministry of Defense and the security authorities in the Kurdistan region and the problem of re-holding border points from the Kurdistan region  by the Border Forces.