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Date : 2022-10-08
Duration : 04:46Hour
Type : Agenda Session
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Session Items
Firstly: Some ladies and gentlemen of the House of Representatives take the oath of the office. Executor
Secondly: Discussion of Iranian bombing of Kurdistan-Iraq Region. Executor
Thirdly: First reading of the draft law on the handling of housing override. (Committee of Services and Reconstruction, Legal Committee, Finance Committee, 22 articles). Executor
Fourthly: First reading of the draft law on mineral investment. (Committee of Investment and Development, Committee of Economics, Industry and Trade), (24 articles). Executor
Fifthly: First reading of the draft law of social security and pension for workers. (Labor Committee, Civil Society Organizations, Finance Committee, Legal Committee) (113 articles) Executor
Sixthly: General Discussions. Executor
Session Details

 On (8/10/2022) the House of Representatives held its third session of the second legislative term of the first legislative year of the fifth election, under the chairmanship of Muhammad al-Halabusi in the presence of 198 representatives, which included:


- The Speaker congratulate the Iraqi people in the memory of Al- Mawlid al-Sharif, calling for his memory to be a springboard to discarded the differentiate and the disagreements and to be returned to the Arab and Islamic nation with blessings.

- Each of (Nadia Mohammad Jabr Kambsh, Krim Hussein Aliwi, and Sa'oud Sadoun and Hossein Aliyen Faraj) take the oath of the office for the membership og House of Representatives.

 -Mr. President clarified that six representatives had not yet submitted a petition for the House to talk the oath of the office.

- The House discussed Iran's bombardment, which has been in Kurdistan-Iraq regions according to a request from the House

 - Representative Vein Sabri, submitted the request indicated that Iran's targeting of areas in Kurdistan- Iraq and any aggression by another country against Iraqi sovereignty was unacceptable, demanding a government stance on the issue of repeated attacks and the development of the issue, as well as addressing the situation of foreign refugees in Iraq, the neighboring countries should respect the sovereignty of Iraq and not issue its crises to the Iraq.

- The ladies and gentlemen of the representatives demanding the same matter to take the government  responsibility to protect Iraqi sovereignty and not allow the establishment of foreign military bases within Iraq, especially as the House of Representatives voted on a resolution to the deployment of foreign troops from Iraq, as well as the need to strengthen Iraqi forces with modern defensive equipment to enable them to protect their territory, and demand the Government to prevent the use of Iraqi territory in targeting  the neighboring countries, as stipulated in the Constitution, to defend the citizens from repeated bombing, especially in the border areas, to avoid a displacement of the population and terrorism the children, and to call for diplomatic actions in Attacks by any country and the submission of a draft law on Iraqi sovereignty and demand for demilitarization from weapons for Iraq's foreign opposition.

Mr. Mohsen Al Mandlawi, the first Vice-President of the House chairing a part of the session.


- Ladies and gentlemen of the representatives have insisted on denouncing Iran's bombardment and Turkish bombing inside Iraqi territory and the need to provide government support to the victims of the Iranian bombing and to compensate them for the damage they have suffered, and demand the Iraqi government to open dialogue with the Iranian side and to promote the principle of respect good neighborliness and to prevent the continuous violations on Iraq's sovereignty.


 - Mr. Shachaan Abdullah, Vice-President of the House, notes the completion of the work of the two Investigating Committees on the bombing of the city of Arbil from the Iranian side and the bombing of Turkish artillery after extensive meetings with the concerned authorities and issued recommendations to be put to the House to be voted on, confirming the importance for the federal Government to have a clear position and take responsibilities for all violations.


- The Speaker Al-Halbousi announced that Iraq submitted to the forthcoming Union of International Parliament meetings an emergency item to demand the preservation of Iraq's sovereignty and the cessation of attacks and interference in its internal affairs to obtain international support, directing the Security, Defense and Relations Committees to investigate the Iran's bombing in coordination with ministries and relevant authorities, as well as the directive of the Finance Committee to host the Ministries of Finance, Planning and Advanced Assistant to follow up on food security law procedures and the problem of project funds.


 - To set Tuesday as the date for hosting the ministers of agriculture and water resources to discuss the agricultural plan, crops marketing and water scarcity.


- First reading of the draft Law on the Treatment of Housing Override, submitted by the Services, Reconstruction and Legal Committees.

 - First reading of the draft law on mineral investment submitted by the Investment, Development, Economics, Industry and Trade Committees.

Dr. Shachaan Abdullah, Vice President chairing a part of the session.

 - First reading of the draft Social Security and the workers’ pensions submitted by the working committees and civil, financial and legal community organizations.

Then it was decided to adjourn the session until next Monday 10/10/2022