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Secret Session To Report Alsajer And Alsaklawea Incidents


The Iraqi Parliament voted, in its 27 session of the first term of first legislative year which was held on 11-11-2014, on the parliamentary committee report about Alsajer and Alsaklawea incidents. After turning out the session to be a secret one, Mr. Salem Aljboure pointed out that the presidency considered to refer all content of the report to the competent authorities. Especially judiciary, commission of integrity and generalissimo of armed forces. Confirming that decision to make the report a secret one, doesn't mean covering up involved people, but to refer them to the competent authorities.  


Refusing a Bill


 The parliament has outvoted, in principle, on a bill of organizing the rights of Turkmen, this bill is presented by the committee of human rights after its first reading . That was in the twenty-sixth session of the first legislative term of the first year, on 1-11-2014 . In the presence of (215) deputies, the council has also voted on the recommendations of the permanent parliamentary committee of the displaced people affairs .   


First Legislative Term to be Extended


 The Iraqi parliament has extended its first legislative term of the first year by a resolution from the presidency committee , in a meeting which have been held in Wednesday  on 29_10_2014 . Headed by the speaker of the parliament Mr. Salim Aljboure , in the presence of the first deputy speaker Alshek Humam Hamode and the deputy speaker Mr. Aram Alshek Mohammed . The council also voted on the approval of this resolution in its twenty-five session , which have been held next day on 30-10-2014. The speaker of the parliament has explained the resolution and said that the legislative term which have to end on 30-10-2014,it  will be extended for one month , pursuant to the constitutional context . That the time of the legislative vacation is to be engaged with the arrival of the budget to the time of the legislative vacation .



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