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Session 18, First Term, First Year 2014-09-22 2 Hour Session with Agenda
Attendees : 325 Deputy
Absence with Excused : 0 Deputy
Absence without Excused : 16 Deputy
Session Items
Session Report

- The Iraqi parliament held, on 22-9-2014 the session (18), first legislative term, first year. Headed by Salem Aljboure, in the presence of (239) MPs. It is included :

     - Salem Aljboure has confirmed, that the parliament presidency will discuss with the chairmen of the parliamentary blocs the stance from the international coalition against terrorism. He pointed out that when the government make a decision about this, then the council will discuss the matter. He added that they have agreed on preparing a report by the parliamentary blocs, in which they have included different point of views and it will be submitted before the parliament. They also agreed upon holding a session about the same issue next days, in the presence of government representatives ,as soon as, the ongoing discussions between officials and countries of the world end.

- Swearing of Layla Alkhafaje, as an alternative to Baker Jaber Alzubaedi and Zaid Abdullah, as an alternative to Saleh Motlek. As members of the parliament.

- The first reading of bill of the union council, presented by the legal committee and the committee of provinces and governorates. - Delaying first reading of parliament bill, presented by the legal committee, financial committee, members affairs and parliamentary development. Until the bill become complete.

- First reading of foreigners residence law, which is presented by the committee of security and defense and the legal committee. This law is presented because of the great number of amendments on the foreigners residence law No.(118)/1978. And because of new cases that commit the council to, re-consider the said law to legislate a new one fits with the current situation of Republic of Iraq.

– The first reading of bill of passport, which is presented by the legal committee and the committee of security and defense.

- The first reading of ratification bill of the amended agreement of the Arabic cooperation, in the line of organizing and facilitation of relief. Which is presented by the legal committee.

- The speaker of the parliament Salem Aljboure has called, the members of the parliament to submit their notes and ideas to the competent committees, in order to, enable the committees to submit their final report about the laws. During back read which presents an amended version in a new mechanism, that will be adopted. He confirmed on the importance of choosing chairmen of the committees quickly. And now temporarily, eldest members will chair the committees.

- First deputy speaker Alshekh Humam Hamoody, pointed out that they will adopt a new context reading laws. Through out reading amended laws in back reading, instead for, reading unamended version to shorten the time. Amending some articles by involving experts, qualified people and civil community representatives.

It is decided to adjourn the session to Thursday on 25-9-2014.

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