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Session 20,First Term,First Year 2014-10-14 2.5 Hour Session with Agenda
Attendees : 317 Deputy
Absence with Excused : 0 Deputy
Absence without Excused : 25 Deputy
Session Items
Session Report

 The Iraqi parliament held the session (20), on 14-10-2014 f the first legislative term / the first year of the third term . Headed by first deputy speaker Humam Hamoody , in the presence of (210) MPs. It is included : 

- First deputy speaker has confirmed ,in accordance with the legal context , that all draft resolutions which were in the council from the last term are to be un valid ,as soon as, the government is being out of action . Where these resolutions have been referred to the cabinet , which, in return ,sent set of laws , in order to vote on them . Granting the sevenfold committee, which includes representatives for the parliamentary blocs and deputy speaker Araam Alshekh Mohammed , a chance lasts to Thursday.To settle the decision about the parliamentary committees , in order to propel the act of the parliament , these committees has a great importance for the legislative act . He pointed out ,that the council will choose the principle of voting in the committees to elect their chairmanship or assume the chairmanship for two years by each committee .   
- The parliament has voted on granting the power to change the non-permanent committees into permanent ones . 

- Mr. Adeel Rashash has swore , as an alternative to Hassan Kadhem . As member in the parliament .  

- MP. Gazee Aleghouud has read over the council a statement , calling the government and the parliament for helping Alanbar governorate and Heet township from the miserable humane situation . He pointed out that ISIS , the terrorist group of Daesh, taken control over Heet , after that they have besieged many tribes , including Albounemer tribe . Which are plotting to a fierce offence by the terrorists , who destroyed infrastructures  and killed the citizens in Alanbar . Calling to lift the siege on Albounemer tribe and supply them with food and arms .      

- MP. Abed Alhade Alhakeem has read a statement , on the occasion of Alghadeer Day , he has congratulated the Islamic world and Iraqi people on this occasion , which most of the Iraqi governorates have celebrated in . 

- The first reading of a bill of the fourth amendment , of law of patent , industrial samples, un veiled information , integral sections and vegetal grades No. 65/1970 . which is presented by the committee of construction and facilities .  

- The first reading of a bill of the fourth amendment , of paving law No. 85/ 1963 . Which is presented by the committee of constructions and facilities , due to paving high costs which collecting from citizens by the municipality .To reduce the costs and include industrial and commercial real estate , to cancel the two laws of the deposed council of revolution leadership No.(184) on 30-11-1997 and (116) on 20-7-1998 .   

- The first reading of the Iraqi republic accession to the universal railway treaty , in Arabic East and its two enclosed attachments which are presented by the committees of international relations , construction and facilities . Aiming to contribute to develop railway act .   

It is decided to rise the session to Thursday on 16-10-2014 . 
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