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Session 23,First term,First year 2014-10-20 1.25 Hour Session with Agenda
Attendees : 329 Deputy
Absence with Excused : 0 Deputy
Absence without Excused : 13 Deputy
Session Items
Session Report
The Iraqi parliament held the session( 23) on 20-10-2014, of the first legislative term / the first year of the third term. Headed by the speaker of the parliament Mr. Salem Aljboure , in the presence of (231) deputies . It is included : 
-  Mp. Salih Aljboure has condemned ,by a statement,  the offence of ISIS on the township of Kara teba . He  warned from the disastrous situation , after the displacement of dozens of citizens . He asked the generalissimo of the armed forces to intervene and send military reinforcement to confront the terrorism group. 

- Reading a statement of the Kurdish blocs , by MP. Repoar Taha Moustafa . He condemned in the statement the terrorist attacks , which launched  by terrorist groups on the township of Kara Teba. He pointed that the terrorists target the Iraqi components  .Calling for a secure measurement and reinforcing the joint political work between the parliamentary blocs. MP. Mona Alamere has read a statement of the education committee. She has congratulated the students and pupils for the new scholastic year , and called the educators to exert efforts to meet the success ,and  to improve the education level in Iraq . She has motivated them to take care of the displaced students and meet their needs . 
- MP. Haje Kandor has condemned the ISIS attack on housing complex of  Yazidi citizens in Senjar . He called the federal government , the provincial government and the international organizations to intervene urgently to rescue the Yazidi citizens from the ongoing battles there . 

- The council has voted to approve the membership of MP. Najem Abdullah Sgher , as an alternative to Mr. Falah Hasan Zaidan , who accessed  the post of  minister of agriculture . And MP.   Iman Hamed Ali . 

- Mr. Araam Alshekh Mohammed has showed a report of the permanent committee of displaced , he pointed in this report that the committee has held a series of meetings with the stakeholders , about providing the needs of displaced people in various provinces . He called to allot the grant in aid quickly , and he  also pointed to the emergency need  to exert more efforts by the government to help displaced people . He expressed , that the committee is willing to receive documents and information about the work of the supreme committee . After the interventions of MPs. Mr. Salem Aljboure has asked the committee to take into account  the notice and ideas of the deputies , in order to,  include them in its report and to vote on the recommendations next session. He also praised on the committee work in this field .  

- The first reading of  the resolution of freedom of expression , meeting and civil demonstration , which is presented by the committee of human rights and the committee of culture and media . 

- The presidency has decided , upon  the request of the committee of health , to postpone the back read of the bill of establishing the federal and non-governmental health institutions , the law of the ministry of health , countering drugs and psychotropic substances .

It is decided to rise the session to Tuesday on 28-10-2014. 


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