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Session 27, First Term, First Year 2014-11-11 3.9 Hour Session with Agenda
Attendees : 315 Deputy
Absence with Excused : 0 Deputy
Absence without Excused : 27 Deputy
Session Items
Session Report

- The Iraqi parliament held, on 11-11-2014 the session (27) of the first legislative term/ first year of the third term. Headed by the speaker of the parliament Salem Aljboure, in the presence of (229) MPs. It is included:

- Mr. Salem Aljboure declared, that MP. Angham Alshmousy was stricken with criminal incident by terrorist, who targeted her home this morning. And she is now being treated.

- MP. Zaid Abed Alkareem read, a statement, he condemned in his statement the assassination of Okab Aljanabe, the member of Babylon provincial council and Abraham Aljanabe, judge of Almseeb court. After a month since they have been kidnapped.

- The council voted on report of the parliamentary committee, about what took place in Alsejer and Alsaklawea. In a secret session.

- The first reading of third amendment bill, of ministry of water resources law No. (50)/ 2008. Which is presented by the committee of agriculture, waters and Marshes.

- Postponing first of second amendment bill, of investment law No. (13)/ 2006. Which is presented by the committees of economy, investment and finance. Upon the request of the competent committees.

- The first reading of statistics bill, which is presented by the committee of economy and investment.

- Continuing first reading of labor bill, which is presented by the committees of labor, social affairs, civil community and legal institutions. It's included 157 articles. The council has finished 59 readings out of all articles last session.

- MP. Bader Alfaheel read a statement, he recalled in his statement the martyrdom of Imam Hussein and his great doings to succor tyrannized people. He pointed out that Alalem township in Salah Aldeen governorate have thwarted to Daesh terrorist group by its loyal tribes.

It is decided to adjourn the session to Thursday on 13-11-2014.

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