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Session 28, First Term, First Year 2014-11-13 1.9 Hour Session with Agenda
Attendees : 324 Deputy
Absence with Excused : 0 Deputy
Absence without Excused : 18 Deputy
Session Items
Session Report

- The Iraqi parliament held, on 13-11-2014 the session (28) of the first legislative term, first year, third term. Headed by the speaker of the Iraqi parliament Salem Aljboure, in the presence of (232) MPs. It is included:

- The council voted, on approval of MP. Iman Hamed membership validity. After an objection submitted by MP. Haider Sattar, about the parliamentary seat of the alternative deputy.

- MP. Ferhad Kader Kareem read, a statement and condemned the suicidal explosion. Which targeted innocent people in Koks township.

- The back read of a bill to ratify an agreement of economical, commercial, scientific and technical cooperation. Between Iraqi government and Armenia government, which is presented by the committees of foreign relationships and economy and investment.

- The back read of a bill of Republic of Iraq accession to international railway agreement in Levant and its two protocols. Which is presented by the committee of facilities and construction, and the committee of foreign relationships. The presidency decided, to refer the bill to the committee of foreign affairs ,in order to, study it and submit it in Saturday session to complete its discussion. After objections that were submitted about it.

- The back read of ministry of health bill, which is presented by the committee of health and environment and the legal committee.

It is decided to adjourn the session to Saturday on 15-11-2014.

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