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Session 32, First Term, First Year 2014-11-27 2.15 Hour Session with Agenda
Attendees : 312 Deputy
Absence with Excused : 0 Deputy
Absence without Excused : 29 Deputy
Session Items
Session Report

The Iraqi parliament held, on 27-11-2014 the session 32 of the first legislative term, first year. Headed by Salem Aljboure, in the presence of 232 MPs. It is included:

- Salem Aljboure declared, that the presidency have discussed with blocks chairmen and the committees some regulatory issues and council performance in the next phase. They have agreed upon forming a committee from the parliamentary blocks, to follow up the governmental programme, the political agreement paper and they confirmed on necessity of choosing chairmanship of the committees quickly. Pointed out that 30-11 is the end of the legislative term and the start of the legislative vacation that lasts one month, except the case that the budget conducts from the government, so they will cancel the vacation. He hoped that the budget will be in the council by next week, besides MP. May attend next days.

- The committee of security and defense and the committee of human rights read, the elementary report about Spayker base crime. Which includes the following notes

1- Ministry of defense investigated with 42 military officers.

2- Calling another 43 who were wanted to be investigated, but they don’t come yet because of the battles.

3- The official information of ministry of defense showed up that 276 members were killed.

4- There is no database in ministry of defense about the real number of martyrs.

5- The investigation didn’t find that there was an order to withdraw.

6- Assuring that there is cooperation between some of criminals and Daesh, their names have been sent to competent authorities.

7- Dropouts members in Salahuddin governorate have, after Mousl events, circulated that there is an order to withdraw.

8- Inaccessibility to the victims dead bodies places.

9- Most of military officers are participating now in military operations, which obstructed the investigation.

10- Salahuddin operations team leadership couldn’t send the final number of dropouts.

11- Investigation showed that there are military officers still alive.

12- The work of investigative committee in ministry of defense about the issue, is so slowly.

13- The parliamentary committee of Spayker issue will meet again to assess the investigation, activate control on the governmental committee and submit a final report to the council.

- The first reading of a bill to cancel the resolution of deposed revolution leadership council 959/ 1978, which is presented by the legal committee.

- The first reading of a bill to organize the act of advisors, which is presented by the legal committee.

- Voting, in principle, to continue the act of advisors bill.

- Completing the first reading of a bill to encourage anesthetists, which is presented by the committee of health and environment and the legal committee.

- The first reading of supporting doctors bill, which is presented by the committee of health and environment and the legal committee.

- The first reading of second amended of the law of investment bill, 13/ 2006, which is presented by the committee of investment and economy and the financial committee.

- Postponing voting on a resolution of considering Daesh groups crimes against Iraqi citizens as a genocide and a crime against humanity, in order to, involve the committee of human rights for mature decision.

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