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The Fourth Session 2014-08-05 2 Hour Session with Agenda
Attendees : 339 Deputy
Absence with Excused : 0 Deputy
Absence without Excused : 9 Deputy
Session Items
Reading verses from the Quran Executed
Reading and discussion of the report of the Commission displaced bomber Executed
Discuss the formation of the standing committees in the House of Representatives bomber Executed
Menashe report of the Committee on the Budget 2014 bomber Executed
Session Report
On 08/05/2014 House of deputies held the fourth  meeting of the first legislative term for the first year under the chairmanship of Mr. Saleem al-Jubouri, head of the House of deputies, and the session included
- The presence of 186 Deputy
- Mr. Speaker congratulating the Iraqi people on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr, asking  God to bless the Iraqis
-Mr. Aram Sheikh Mohammed, the Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament presented a report on the visit of a delegation from the House of deputies to the displaced people in the province of Nineveh, noting that they are living in such difficult conditions in addition to the killing of minorities in Mosul, demanding helping them as soon as possible through coordination with the Kurdistan Regional Government .
- Deputy Vian Dakheel followed a statement condemning the bitter reality and vicious attack against the Yazidi citizens who are being slaughtered in Alsnjar and subjected to genocide by the terrorist organization ISIS, calling by the name of humanity to stop these crimes against the people in those areas.
-Deputy Abbas al-Bayati said in a statement he read on the vulnerability of the Turkmen citizens  in Tuz Amerli and to ethnic cleansing and killing of identity, asking to provide all the support and help to rescue them and protect their areas.
- Deputy Youndam Kanna asked the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan region and the consciences of the international community in his speech to intervene immediately and merge troops to enforce the law to what the people of the Iraqi province of Nineveh are going through.
- The President of the Council revealed a proposition submitted by some members to donate half the salary of members of the House of deputies to help the displaced until the end of the crisis, pointing out that the resolution will be voted on in another session.
- Mr. Haider Abadi, first deputy of chairman of the Council read a report about the meeting of the Interim Committee for the study of the federal budget, which includes a clear vision for the follow-up and the work on its approval, noting that the meeting was attended by officials from the Ministry of Finance discussing the budget of 2014.
- Mr. President of the Council asked  Heads of parliamentary blocks to submit the names of candidates of standing committees today for the purpose of discussing it by the Presidency at a meeting on Wednesday ,the following day, with the ladies and gentlemen of parliamentary blocks, which will be devoted to discuss a number of issues and the formation of the Standing Committees of the Council.
and the session was adjourned to thursday 7/8/2014
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