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The Fifth Session 2014-08-07 1.75 Hour Session with Agenda
Attendees : 340 Deputy
Absence with Excused : 0 Deputy
Absence without Excused : 8 Deputy
Session Items
Voting on the rules of procedure and the formation of a committee to study and modify it Executed
approving the resignation of Mr. Sargon Lazar Slewa from the House of deputies Executed
The first reading of the draft law of the Federal Court Executed
Reading the report of the committee in charge of following up the conditions of the displaced Executed
Session Report


On 08/07/2014 House of deputies held the fifth  session of the first legislative term for the first year under the chairmanship of Mr. Saleem al-Jubouri, head of the House of deputies, and the session included

- The presence of 203 Deputy

- Mr. Saleem al-Jubouri started with a speech in whihc he expressed the concern of the House of deputies about the delay in nominating a candidate of the biggest block to form a government, pointing out that Thursday is the last day of the constitutional deadline, calling for the resolution of this matter and not to delay it because Iraq is going under a difficult and critical conditions as a result of terrorist threats taking place, emphasising the importance of adhering  the constitutional convention.

-The President of the Council ephasised on supporting the Kurdistan region in facing the  terrorist gangs of ISIS .and he thanked the government's efforts in cooperation and support by military troops in the region to stand and fight hese criminal gangs.

- Council voted on the rules of procedure and the formation of a  committee to study and modify it

- The council approved the resignation of Mr. Adnan Zurfi and Mr. Sargon Lazra Sliwa from the membership of the House of deputies

- Council voted on the formation of the Interim Committee for the enactment of legal  Federal court and the Federation Council, chaired by the President of the Council, and which included in its membership the deputies Tariq Sadeeq ,Saman Fataah , Qutaiba al-Jubouri , Jassim Mohammed ,Zainab Sahlani ,Naseer al-Issawi, Raad Aldhlki ,Talal Zobaie , Dhafer al-Ani , Nada Sudani , Faris Taha , Mahmoud Hassan , Adila Hammoud and Ammar Tohme , Kadhim al-Shammari , Hamdiya Husseini ,Sadiq Jassim and Mahmoud Hamid.

- The first reading of the draft law of the Federal Court, working by the provisions contained in the articles (52, 92, 93, 94, 97) of the Constitution of the Republic of Iraq in 2005 and to keep up with the reported changes in the democratic process and constitutional institutions and what was created by the practical application of the provisions of the law.

- The President of the Council for the presence declared the presence of the President of the Republic, Mr. Fuad Masum, to the building of the Council to explain the problem of the largest parliamentary block  and find out which is that "block".

- the Deputy Iqbal read a statement on the heinous crime committed against a large group of members of the military Base Spiker by groups of ISIS  which had a number  of 1700 victim of young men, demanding the formation of a committee to investigate the matter and to detect negligents and the fate of the detainees in the presidential palaces in Salahuddin province

- The Council voted on a draft resolution submitted by the deputy Vian Dakheel and a number of gentlemen


it included :


1.considering what is happening to the religious minority in Iraq at the hands of criminals and their allies ISIS a crime against humanity ,and the international community's demand to prosecute the perpetrators of such crimes and to hold states and institutions that support them or finance their activities.

2.considering areas of Sinjar, which was exposed to leaving their homes at Hamdania and Bartalah and Ba'shiqa, Alqosh ,Sheikhan and Turkmen areas in TalAfar and Tuz and Amerli ,Bashir and Taza afficted areas as a result of attacks of ISIS terrorists and considering what they're going through a humanitarian catastrophe, with the need to provide international protection for the allocation of safe haven by an international resolution issued by the security Council.

3.demanding the UN and it's related humanitarian organizations  to work hard for the relief of displaced people, for  its their  responsibility and in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations

4.demanding the government to urgently allocate sums of money of the emergency budget for the purpose of securing the humanitarian needs of the residents of those areas and to compensate the displaced people for the damages.

5.demanding the government to work to deliver urgent humanitarian assistance to displaced people from those areas and by all available means.

6.having a discussion with the Arab and European Parliament for the purpose of supporting the decision of the iraqi Council of deputies in this regard, and calling upon the governments of Arab States and European countries to provide all means of support for displaced people from the affected areas.

7. obliging all media organizations not to broadcast or publication of any activities or tivities ISIS.

8.demanding the federal government and the kurdish government to clear areas of terrorist ISIS and place and displaced people back to their areas..

And session was adjourned to Sunday, 10/08/2014

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