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Total Votes



(8)session / first term /first year

  Session Items
Session Report




  Deputies By Absences

Ali Abdullah Hamoud Khalifa 3 Absen.
Hussain Jassim Nasser Hussein 3 Absen.
Dalal Hassan Mohammed Issa 2 Absen.
Entesar Hassan Yousif Hassan 2 Absen.
Nahida Zeid Manhal Mana 2 Absen.
Nawaf Saoud Zaid Farhan 2 Absen.
Osama Abdulaziz Mohammed Abdulaziz 2 Absen.
Saadoun Jawer Farhan Al - Dulaimi 2 Absen.
Abdul Ameer Hassan Ali Taban 1 Absen.
Abdul-Bari Majeed Abdullah Abdul-Kareem 1 Absen.
Blessah Abduljabbar Ferman Ali 1 Absen.
Ekhlas Sabah Khader Hussein 1 Absen.
Ektifa Mizhir Abdul Kassar 1 Absen.
Ghandi Mohammed Abdul Kareem Abdulqadir 1 Absen.
Ghieb Faisal Anied hamy 1 Absen.
Hamid Abbas Yassin Hashem 1 Absen.
Hassan Abdullah Abadi Mousa 1 Absen.
Hawazen Hassan Mahdi Abdali 1 Absen.
Hussein Ali Mohammed Abbas 1 Absen.
Jawad Abdul Kadhim Mohammed Abbas 1 Absen.
Kotaiba Ibrahim Turki Jassim 1 Absen.
Manar Abdel Muttalib Hashim Saad 1 Absen.
Mohammed Sahib Khalaf 1 Absen.
Mokhtar Mahmoud Yousif Salman 1 Absen.
Nasser Yousif Mohieddin Oudel 1 Absen.
Rafah Khadr Jiyad Baer 1 Absen.
Siham Abbas Ali Hamadeh 1 Absen.
Thaura Jawad Kadhim Hammadi 1 Absen.
Uday Awad Kadhim Hussein 1 Absen.


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