Do you think the performance of the current House of Representatives is better than the previous session?


Total Vote 5532


Visitors Counter

Sex   Female  
Province   Wasit  
Constituencies   3  
Birth Date   1975  
Social Status   Married  
Certificate   Diploma Certificate  
Specialization   Unavailable at the Moment  
Electoral Votes No.   5215  
Electoral Cycles   Two Electoral Cycles  
Alliance   Unavailable at the Moment  
Party   Unavailable at the Moment  
Membership Committees   health and environment  
Nationality   Arabic  
Religion   Muslim  
Previous Job   Unavailable at the Moment  


 No Data Available at the Moment

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 Unexcused Absence - Sessions No. : 0
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  Proposed Law 2022-11-10 Session (10) / second semester / first year