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Najaf Governorate Conference


  The parliamentary observatory team at Madarek Foundation launched the annual report on the performance of the House of Representatives in Najaf Governorate on Saturday, 14/1/2023 at the Granada Hotel Hall, in the presence of many community elites, academic professors, media, and civil society organizations.

The report dealt with the performance of the House in its first legislative year of legislation and oversight role, as well as the work of committees, the presence of members, and the violations that accompanied the work of the House to the law of the House of Representatives, its formations and the rules of procedure.


  Launching the second quarterly report - the first year  
  Babylon Province Conference  

  15th Sha'ban Islamic Movement 1 Deputy
  Al-Adala & Al-Wehda Gathering 2 Deputy
  Al-Azim Gathering 4 Deputy
  Al-Bashaer Movement 15 Deputy
  Al-Faw Zakho Gathering 1 Deputy
  Al-Hasm Movement for Reform 2 Deputy
  Al-Hazim Al-Watany 1 Deputy
  Al-Hikma National Movement 8 Deputy
  Al-Masaar Civil Party 2 Deputy
  Al-Nour Movement Party -Uprising and Change 1 Deputy
  Al-Saadiqun Movement 9 Deputy
  Al-sadrya Bloc 2 Deputy
  Al-Ta'awin Gathering 1 Deputy
  Al-Tasaady 2 Deputy
  Al-Thabat Iraqi Party 1 Deputy
  Arab Option 1 Deputy
  Arab Project 10 Deputy
  Ata'a Movement 5 Deputy
  Bab Al Arab block 1 Deputy
  Badir Organization 14 Deputy
  Belady National Movement 1 Deputy
  Civil Party 1 Deputy
  Conservative Party 1 Deputy
  diversity 1 Deputy
  Eraada Movement 2 Deputy
  Haraket Babilyon 3 Deputy
  Haraket Emtidad 16 Deputy
  Haraket Hoquq 6 Deputy
  Iraq Future Gathering 1 Deputy
  Iraq National Party 1 Deputy
  Iraqi National Accord Party 1 Deputy
  Iraqi National Project 1 Deputy
  Iraqi Turkman Front 1 Deputy
  Ishraqet Kanon 7 Deputy
  Islamic Dawa Party 16 Deputy
  Jama'a Al-adil Al-kurdstaniya 1 Deputy
  kadmon 2 Deputy
  Kurdistan Democratic Party 31 Deputy
  Kutlat Al-Wafa'a & Al-Tageer 1 Deputy
  Muqtaderon For peace and construction Gathering 2 Deputy
  national audiences 6 Deputy
  National Loyalty Movement 2 Deputy
  National Product Party 1 Deputy
  New Generation Movement 9 Deputy
  Patriotic Union of Kurdistan 17 Deputy
  Tagamou Al-sanad Al-watany 6 Deputy
  Tagamou Eqteadar Watan 1 Deputy
  Taiyar Al-furatain 2 Deputy
  Takadum 34 Deputy
  The Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq 1 Deputy
  The National Reform Movement 1 Deputy
  Together for Law Bloc 5 Deputy
  Victory Coalition / Patriots Movement 2 Deputy
  Wa'edon Movement 2 Deputy
  Wasit People Independent Gathering 2 Deputy
  Yazidi Taqadum Party 1 Deputy