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 The House of Representatives held its twenty-fifth session under the chairmanship of Mr. Mohsen Al-Mandalawi on Saturday, 18/5/2024, and it took place in two morning and evening sessions, the morning was in the presence of 183 Representatives, in which two laws were read and discussed (the Public Holidays Law, the Second Amendment Law to the Independent High Electoral Commission Law No. (31) of 2019), as well as the House’s vote to extend the legislative term for a period of thirty days in confirmation of the decision taken by the Presidency of the House, and in the evening session that the House resumed in the presence of 311 Representatives allocated to elect a president New to the House.

Nominated for the presidency of the House of Representatives (Salem Al-Issawi/Mahmoud Al-Mashhadani/Amer Abdul-Jabbar) The results resulted in Representative Salem Al-Issawi obtaining 158 votes, Representative Mahmoud Al-Mashhadani on 137 votes, and Representative Amer Abdul-Jabbar on 3 votes, while the number of invalid votes was 13 cards.

What should be mentioned is that the Federal Court, by its decision 322/Federal/2023, decided that the Speaker of the House should be elected by an absolute majority, and this means that one of the candidates obtained 166 votes out of 329 votes, which is the total number of members of the House. This necessarily means re-election session again, provided that the competition is limited to the candidates themselves without adding another candidate.

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