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Date : 2022-01-09
Duration : 7.35Hour
Type : Agenda Session
Attendees : 0 Deputies
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Session Items
Firstly: Iraqi national anthem. Executor
Secondly: Recitation verses of the Holy Qur’an and reading surat Al-Fatihah on the Iraqi martyrs spirits. Executor
Thirdly: A word of welcoming in the ladies and gentlemen of the House of Representatives from Secretary-General of the House of Representatives and reading attendance. Executor
Fourthly: The house speaker takes over the session management. Executor
Fifthly: Recitation verses of the honorable Qur’an. Executor
Sixthly : The house speaker invites the ladies and gentlemen of the representatives to take the oath of the office. Executor
Seventhly: The house speaker deliver a speech with the beginning of the of fifth electoral constituencies. Executor
Eighthly: The house speaker announce opening the nominations for president of the House of Representatives position and his Vice-Chairperson. Executor
Session Details


The house of representatives in (2022/9/1) held his first session of the first term of the legislative assembly to the first legislative year for the fifth electoral cycle under the chairmanship Mr. Mahmoud Al-Mashhadani in the presence of (325), and the session included:

-Mr. Sirwan Abdullah, the secretary-general of the house of representatives, congratulates and welcomes the ladies and gentlemen representatives of the council on their accession the membership of the council and taking the honor of serving the country and the Iraqi people, pointing out the preparation that the general secretariat made in order to held a successful opening session, referring to the permanence of general secretariat by providing the support for the members to complete the legislative institution’s role.

- Recitation surat Al-Fatihah in memory of the Iraq martyrs.

- Dr. Mahmoud Al-Mashhadani as the chairmanship to the session for he being the oldest winner member according to the book of  the independent high electoral commission.

- Ladies and gentlemen of the representatives takes the oath of the office in administration to initiate their functions in the fifth electoral cycle.

- Representative Ahmed Al-sadi hands a book, which contains 88 representatives signatures and names considering they are the biggest bloc in number.

- Mr. Al-Mashhadani apologies for a surprise illness.

- Representative Mr. Khaled Al Darraji chairing the session for being the oldest reserve after representative Amer Al Fayez apologies .

- The chairman Al- Darraji declared nomination of the representatives Mohammed Rekan Al-Halbousi and Mahmoud Al-Mashhadani for the position of president of the representatives. 

- Mr Mohammad AL-Halbousi got elected as president to the house of representatives after obtaining 200 votes against 14 votes for Al-Mashhadani while 14 votes counted invalid.

- Voting on choosing Mr. Hakem Al Zamili as a first vice chairman of  the house  by obtaining 182 votes while the representative  Hamid Abbas Al-Shiblawy got 34 votes after Mr. Khaled AL Darraji the house speaker declared on their nomination to the same position while the invalid votes were 11.

- Mr. Shakhwan Abdullah Ahmed got elected as a Vice-Chairperson of the house after getting 180 votes against 33 votes to the representative Sarwa Abdel Wahed in addition listing 13 invalid votes.

-Mohammed Al-Halbousi gives a speech thanking all whom contributed in the electoral celebration that resulted arrival of a constellation from a new representatives and ended his constitutional events by electing president  of the house of representatives and his vice-chairperson. 

- The representative Hasan Al-athary hands a book that contains names and signatures of the outnumbered  representative bloc to the elected speaker of the house.