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Date : 2022-03-26
Duration : 1.30Hour
Type : Agenda Session
Attendees : 0 Deputies
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Session Items
Firstly: the election of President of the Republic. Not Executor
Session Details

 The House of Representatives held on (3/26/2022) its fourth session of the first legislative term of the first legislative year of the fifth electoral cycle under the membership of Muhammad Al-Halbousi and in the presence of (202). The session included.


 - The Speaker of the House of Representatives explains that the paragraph of electing the President of the Republic requires a quorum of two-thirds of the number of members of the house, as stated by the Federal Court and defined by the Constitution in this matter, indicating that failure to achieve the required quorum requires us to continue holding sessions until the quorum of electing the President is achieved.

- Voting on adding the first reading of the emergency support law for food security and development as a new paragraph on the session’s agenda.


- Voting on the membership of 12 representative in the House Finance Committee to proceed with the procedures of a number of legislations.


- First reading of the draft law on emergency support for food security and development and referred by the government in order to achieve food security, reduce poverty, achieving financial stability in light of emergency global developments, continuing to provide services to citizens, raise the standard of living, create job opportunities, and maximize Iraqis’ benefit from state resources, and resume work on stalled and lagging projects.  and implementing new important projects.

-Directing the speaker of the House to complete the designation of members of the Finance Committee.


-The second reading of the draft law on emergency support for food security in a session next Monday.

-Announcing the appointment of next Wednesday session to elect the President of the Republic.


Then it was decided to adjourn the session to next Monday.