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Date : 2022-05-11
Duration : 1.35Hour
Type : Agenda Session
Attendees : 0 Deputies
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Session Items
Firstly: The first reading of the suggested Prohibition of Normalization law and establishing relations with entity Israel. (Legal Committee), (10 articles). Executor
Secondly: Formation of standing representatives committees. Executor
Thirdly: general discussions. Executor
Session Details


The House of Representatives held on (5/11/2022) its seventh session of the first legislative term of the first legislative year a number of the electoral cycle under the chairmanship of Muhammad Al-Halbousi. The session included:

- The Speaker of the House offered condolences on the death of former representative Abdul Karim Al-Ansari, who passed in an unfortunate traffic accident, as well as the recitation of Surat Al-Fatihah, in memory of his soul.

- The first reading of the suggested Prohibition of Normalization law and the establishment of relations with entity Israel, submitted by the Legal Committee.

 - Voting to complete and distribute the ladies and gentlemen of the House of Representatives to the standing representatives' committees.

 - Voting to authorize the chairmanship of the House to exclude a number of representatives committees from the membership conditions, according to the rules of procedures of the House.