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Date : 2022-05-19
Duration : 04:10Hour
Type : Agenda Session
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Session Items
Firstly: Some ladies and gentlemen members of the House of Representatives Taking the oath of the office. Executor
Secondly: The first reading of the suggested law on emergency support for food security and development (the Finance Committee). Executor
Thirdly: Report and discussion (second reading) of the suggested Prohibition of normalization law and establishing relations with the entity Israel. (Legal Committee), (10 articles). Executor
Fourthly: General discussions. Executor
Session Details


 On (19/5/2022), the House of Representatives held its eighth session of the first legislative term of the first legislative year of the fifth electoral cycle under the chairmanship of Mohammed Al-Halbousi in the presence of (270) representatives and the session included:

- Mr. Muqaddam Mohamed Obaid Ali take the oath of the office to serve as a member of the House in place of Mr. Mashaan Al-Jubouri.

- Vote on the dismissal of the Governor of Salah al-Din, Mr. Ammar Jabr Al-Jubouri, at the request of the Speaker of the House of Representatives to prove that he caused deliberate negligence and waste of public funds after the House approved on adding the paragraph to the agenda.

 - First reading of the suggested Emergency Support Law for Food Security and Development.

 - The representative of the Government in the House of Representatives expressed the approval of the House Speaker in principle to proceed with the legislation of the suggested Emergency Support for Food Security and Development.

 - Second reading of the suggestion of the prohibiting normalization law and the establishment of relations with the entity Israel submitted by the Legal Committee.

- The interventions of ladies and gentlemen the representatives included to demand the selection of a precise legal formulation of the articles of the suggested law to avoid confusion in the interpretation of its texts and the inclusion of the suggestion in article 201 of the Iraqi Penal Code, and to demand the revocation of Iraqi citizenship from any Iraqi or Iraqi married or married to an Israeli and to prevent the entry of Israeli passport holders into Iraq, even if it is from diplomatic missions, as well as the addition of the word Israel next to the term entity Israel in the law article's, and the inclusion in the law of the definition of the law to determine the law concerned with the implementation of Law procedures .

Part of which was under the chairmanship of Mr. Hakim Al-Zamili.

- The interventions of the ladies and gentlemen representatives focused on preventing the inclusion of those sentenced by the provisions of the law from the general amnesty legislation, preventing the nomination of any individual who proves his marriage to an Israeli person, and calling for banning the Israeli channels on the Internet by the Media and Communications Commission.

- Mr. Al-Zamili's conforms on the need for the House of Representatives to legislate the prohibiting normalization law and the establishment of relations with the entity Israel and to take into account the views of the members of the House on the law to complete the vote on it.

- The interventions of the ladies and gentlemen of the representatives focused on demanding that the conditions of the members of the Yazidi component be taken into account, that their humanitarian needs in their areas and those residing in displacement camps be taken care of, and that compensation be allocated to the families of victims of mass graves and those missing during the control of the terrorist organization ISIS.

- Mr. Shakhwan Abdullah pointed out that the chairmanship of the House agreed to allocate a session to discuss the Sinjar crisis next week.

Then it was decided to adjourn the meeting to Wednesday 25/5/2022