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Date : 2023-04-17
Duration : 04:30Hour
Type : Agenda Session
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 On (17/4/2023), the House of Representatives held its resumed twentieth session of the first legislative term of the second legislative year of the fifth electoral cycle, headed by Shakhwan Abdullah, and the session included:


-In their interventions on the draft law, the representatives discussed on the possibility of changing the price of a barrel of oil and the amount exported approved in the budget, noting that there are no actual indications of the legislation of the budget law for three years and the absence of any amendment in the salaries of retirees, while demanding the adoption of clarity in the allocations of development funds and reconsidering Article IV on the cost of exporting oil compared to its percentage of oil exported in the Kurdistan region, and demanding the allocation of special amounts to the oil-producing governorates to address environmental problems in them. Fixing the contracts of the employees of the Electoral Commission, especially that Iraq is about to hold electoral elections, fixing the sons of Al-Sahawat, and settling the conditions of the remaining sons of the omens of peace who were not included in the recent appointments, in addition to demanding the interpretation of the article that was mentioned under the title (special Categories) and demanding the need to compress expenditures to reduce the percentage of deficit in the budget


-The members of the House wondered why Audit Bureau did not submit its report on the budget, especially the increase in the deficit rates from what is allowed in the Financial Management Law, focusing the budget on central ministries, demanding the abolition of fees imposed on Iraqi travelers and increasing the funds allocated to the Ministry of Financial Resources to remedy water scarcity, in addition to calling for allocating budget allocations to productive sectors such as agriculture, livestock, gas extraction, supporting religious tourism, and demanding the recycling of funds from the Food Security Law to the governorates  And compensate the families of the victims of the victims and ensure the share of the Kurdistan Region of the Chinese agreement on the construction of schools, and demand justice for the residents of the marshes and fairness of citizens of the Kaki component who were affected in the time of the former regime and increase the allocations of the Office of Christian, Yazidi and Sabean Mandaean endowments, and give special importance to the Ministries of Education and Higher Education within the federal budget and the proposal to amend the allocations of border guards salaries in the Kurdistan region like their counterparts in other regions.


It was decided to resume the session at nine o’clock on Monday evening