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Date : 2023-05-10
Duration : 02:05Hour
Type : Agenda Session
Attendees : 0 Deputies
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Absence without Excuse : 0 Deputy
Session Items
First: Voting on the draft law on social security and retirement for workers. (Labor and Civil Society Organizations Committee, Finance Committee, Legal Committee), (113 articles) Not Executor
Session Details

On (10/5/2023), the House of Representatives held its twenty-sixth session of the first legislative term of the second legislative year of the fifth electoral cycle under the chairmanship of Mohsen Al-Mandalawi in the presence of (193), and the session included:


-Voting on 35 articles out of 110 articles of the Retirement and Social Security Law for workers, after which it was decided to resume voting on the draft law in the next session.


It was then decided to adjourn the session.