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Date : 2023-06-10
Duration : 03:09Hour
Type : A Session without an Agenda
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On (10/6/2023), the House of Representatives held its thirtieth session of the first legislative term of the second legislative year of the fifth electoral cycle, headed by Muhammad Al-Halbousi, in the presence of (241) representatives, and the session included:


-The House of Representatives read during the session a statement on the ninth anniversary of the genocide known as the painful Speicher massacre, which killed hundreds of young students of the Iraqi Air Force School at the hands of ISIS terrorist gangs, referring to the fatwa of the blessed Supreme Authority and the sacrifices of volunteers to impose the equation of victory with the hands of the sons of the armed forces and volunteers, calling for not neglecting the file of prosecuting criminals and those responsible for this crime, stressing the need for the international investigation team to strengthen accountability for crimes committed to mitigate The suffering of the families of the victims


-The House recite Surat Al-Fatihah in honor of the souls of the martyrs of Iraq.

-Voting on a number of articles of the General Budget Law, up to Article 42 of the draft Federal Budget Law of the Republic of Iraq.


The Speaker of the House then decided to adjourn the session to 1 pm on Sunday