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The Session 8 2014-08-21 4 Hour Session with Agenda
Attendees : 343 Deputy
Absence with Excused : 0 Deputy
Absence without Excused : 5 Deputy
Session Items
Reading verses from the holly Quran Executed
Session Report

On 21 \ 8 \ 2014 House of Representatives held  session( 8) of the first legislative term for the first year of the third session, chaired by Mr. Saleem al-Jubouri, head of the House of Representatives and the session included:

- The presence of 207 Deputy

-  majority of the deputies voted on the putting the Speicher tragedy on the agenda of the meeting,and that was  based on a proposal submitted by the members of the Board

- Mr. Ahmed al-Jubouri, was sworn in to distract the membership of the House of Representatives

- Tala Council draft resolution provides for the prevention of all real estate actions in areas under the control of terrorists, which included:

- The Council read a draft which stated the prevention of all real estate actions in areas under the control of terrorists, which included:

Because of the bad security conditions facing Iraq, and as a result of the control of the terrorists of (ISIS) over parts of Iraq, and to prevent any demographic changes on the Iraqi provinces and as an application of paragraph (b) of item III of Article 23 of the Constitution, which stipulates (prohibition of owning the real estates of demographic change and based on the text of Article 59 of the Constitution, the House of Representatives issued the following decision:

.1 prohibition of all actions on the real estate such as residential and agricultural land within the administrative boundaries of the provinces under the control of terrorism, starting from 06.10.2014 and until further notice, and considering actions and legal facts which don't follow this invalid.

.2  preventing the transfer of the funds following this decision.

.3  preventing the real estate departments and other relevant departments from registering any  State House or agricultural lands  whether  it was government-owned or the individuals-owned in the provinces mentioned above.

4. implementing this decision from 06.10.2014 ,and  any legal provision or judicial  idecision that is contrary to the provisions of this decision is invalid

  majority of the council approved the decision in terms of content after the  President had given the authority to the temporary Legal Committee  to re-draft it according to  previous laws and looking into making it a law, taking into consideration the observations made by the House of Representatives

- The Council discussed the measures taken by the ministries on the problems experienced by the displaced people in the presence of  the two Ministers: of Higher Education and Scientific Research ,and of Human Rights

- Council decided to postpone discussion of the Spyker issue to next Saturday and  he invited the security leaders of Salahuddin and the Minister of Defense Agency


session was adjourned to Saturday, 08/23/2014


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