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Extraordinary Session

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The Twelfth Session 2014-09-06 3.75 Hour Session with Agenda
Attendees : 311 Deputy
Absence with Excused : 0 Deputy
Absence without Excused : 30 Deputy
Session Items
Reading verses from the Holly Koran Executed
Voting on the formation of the standing committees in the House of Representatives Not Executed
Hosting the Minister of Finance Agency to discuss the general budget for the year 2014. Executed
Session Report

  Minutes of the meeting:

On 09/06/2014 House of representatves held the (12) session of the first legislative term of the the first year of the third session, chaired by Mr. Saleem al-Jubouri, head of the House of Representatives, and the session included:

- The presence of 240 Deputy

- Council discussed the issue of the formation of the standing committees in the House of Representatives, as Vice President of the Council Aaram Sheikh Mohammed declared the adoption of 179 members Tahaluf Watani to fill 14 Committees based on the agreement of the committee responsible for parliamentary committees, and the Kurdistan Alliance bloc which has 65 deputy on the 5 committees ,as for Tahaluf Al-Qwa Al-Iraqia which has 54 deputies it headed 4 committees and the components have 6 members and got a committee

The vice president of the House of Representatives pointed to the incompleteness of the naming the members by the heads of the blocks until now, even though the  the opportunity was given to distribute the deputies on committees

- The Council voted to postpone the naming of the members of the Standing Parliamentary Committees to Monday as a deadline

- Council hosted the Minister of Finance Agency of Safaa'Al-Din Al-Saffi to discuss the general budget for 2014


it was decided to adjourn the session to Monday 08/09/2014.

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