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Session 13, First Term, First Year 2014-09-08 4 Hour Session with Agenda
Attendees : 306 Deputy
Absence with Excused : 0 Deputy
Absence without Excused : 35 Deputy
Session Items
Session Report

The Council of Representatives held it's 13th session on Monday, 08/09/2014 , headed by its President, Mr. Saleem al-Jubouri and the presence of (229) The deputy. the session included:

   - The Deputy Ahmed Abdullah al-Jubouri, read a statement on the events in Dhuluia in which he said that the city exposed to a fierce attack by the terrorists represented by the enterance of 6 bombed cars to the Jabour area and shelling of which resulted in 50 martyrs and dozens of wounded people, calling on the House of Representatives and the government to support Dhulaya with weapons.

- the Deputy Majida Tamimi ,Chairperson of the Committee of interim financies presented the recommendations of the Committee, which included addressing the Ministry of Finance to re-budget bill for 2014 to the House of Representatives after it was sent to the government to make the changes in line with the changes which the country is undergoing .in addition to the submission of financial statements to revenue The actual expenditure of 1-1 and up to 3-7 and provide a budget for the cash balances in banks as well as a report on the annual volume of oil exports.

-Mr. Speaker declared receiving a formal letter from the Prime Minister Haider Abadi requesting showing the government’s formation on the House of Representatives today with a close political agreement and the general framework of the Government's program and priorities of the strategy for the year 2014 and up to 2018, indicating that it was decided to hold a hearing to vote on that at eight o'clock in the evening.

- the Deputy Speaker of the House, Mr. Aaram Sheikh Mohammed confirmed dividing the members of each block on the total number of members of the House of Representatives according to a mathematical equation based on the pro-rata distribution of committees and then determination of the members of the standing committees and the heads of the committees and dividing them on existing alliances and it pointed to the existence of vacances in members in the committees where the Agriculture Committee included 14 members and 16 members in the Education Committee ,15 members at the Committee of Health ,and 7 members in the Committee of religious Affairs, and 12 members in the committee of non-organized provinces, and the 11 member in the committee of human rights He also said that the Women's Committee included 7 members ,and 13 members committee of Labor and Social Affairs, 11 members at Committee of Martyrs, 15 members at the committee of Higher Education and 7 members in the Committee of civil society institutions,6 members in the Committee of Youth and Sports, 6 members in the Committee of Displaced people, 6 members in the Committee for Justice and Accountability, 6 members in the Committee on Culture and 3 members in the Committee of clans and 3 members in the Tourism Committee and 3 members in the of parliamentary Development and after agreement on naming committees the Vice-President of the House of Representatives Aaram Sheikh Mohammed read names of the members in a number of parliamentary Standing committees - Council voted on the formation of the standing committees in the House of Representatives.

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