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Session 33, First Term, First Year 2014-11-29 1.5 Hour Session with Agenda
Attendees : 326 Deputy
Absence with Excused : 0 Deputy
Absence without Excused : 15 Deputy
Session Items
Session Report

- The Iraqi parliament held, on 29-11-2014 the session 33 of the first legislative term, first year of the third term. Headed by the speaker of parliament Salem Aljboure, in the presence of 242 MPs. It is included:

- Salem Aljboure affirmed that it was scheduled to host prime minister Haider Alebadee to submit 2015 federal budget at this session, but the cabinet considered to hold a session to resume discussion about the budget. Pointing that prime minister will attend the session of the parliament tomorrow to submit and read the budget.

- The speaker of the parliament called chairmen of the parliamentary blocks to take into account the representation of women in the parliamentary committees.

- The first reading of a bill to amend the law of legal provisions which prevent courts from listening to lawsuits No. 17/ 2005, that is presented by the legal committee.

- The first reading of a bill to amend the law of essential criminal procedure No. 23/ 1971, which is presented by the legal committee.

- The first reading of a bill to amend the law of judicial fees No. 114/ 1981, which is presented by the legal committee and financial committee.

- The first reading of a bill of communications and informatics, which is presented by the committees of facilities and construction, media and culture and legal committee.

- The council approved, in principle, to resume communication and informatics bill legislation.

- Salem Aljboure called, the parliamentary blocks to submit, the names of the special parliamentary committee members, this committee will monitor governmental programme and political agreement paper.

The session has been adjourned to Sunday on 30-11-2014.

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