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(8)session / first term /first year

  Session Items
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  Deputies By Sort Political Entities

al astqama 52 Deputy
al bashaer Movement 6 Deputy
Al hall 1 5 Deputy
Al hall 2 3 Deputy
Al hall 3 1 Deputy
Al Hikma national movement 19 Deputy
Al iraq for Al eslah 1 Deputy
Al jabhha Al iraqia for Hewar 3 Deputy
Al Majid Al iraqi 1 Deputy
Al mshrooa Al arabi in iraq 1 5 Deputy
Al mshrooa Al arabi in iraq 2 1 Deputy
Al nasr 42 Deputy
al sadiqoon Movement 15 Deputy
al sedq and al ataa Movement 2 Deputy
al tagamua al shaabi al mustaqel 1 Deputy
Al Wafa Party 2 Deputy
Aleradaa al shaabia 1 Deputy
Alliance for Democracy and Justice 2 Deputy
Altaqadum Alyazidi 1 Deputy
Alwahda Al iraqia 1 Deputy
Assyrian Partiotic Party 1 Deputy
Babylonian movement 2 Deputy
Badr Organization 22 Deputy
Chaldean National Council 1 Deputy
Chaldean Syriac Assyrian Popular Council 1 Deputy
Civil gathering for Reform / A'mal 6 Deputy
Civil progress free 3 Deputy
Civil track party 1 Deputy
Coalition of Competencies for Change 1 Deputy
Communist Party 2 Deputy
Dwuaat Al islam 3 Deputy
Dwuaat Al islam / iraq 2 Deputy
Eradaa Movement 3 Deputy
Ethad Alqwa Alwatanya 1 1 Deputy
Ethad Alqwa Alwatanya 2 1 Deputy
Gathering the efficiencies and the masses 1 Deputy
Goodness Banners 2 Deputy
Gorran (the change) 5 Deputy
Iraqi Turkmen Front 2 Deputy
Islamic Group of Kurdistan / Iraq 2 Deputy
Islamic Movement in Iraq 2 Deputy
Islamic Supreme Council of iraq 2 Deputy
jabhat enqath trkman al iraq 1 Deputy
Kurdistan Democratic Party 25 Deputy
Kurdistan Islamic Union 2 Deputy
Lama Shawi Hilali 0 Deputy
Maan for law 14 Deputy
Mazen Abdel Moneim (Abu Haidar) 1 Deputy
montasrun mass 1 Deputy
Mutthidoon for iraq 1 6 Deputy
Mutthidoon for iraq 2 1 Deputy
National Accord Party (I.N.A) 4 Deputy
National Party of the Masses 1 2 Deputy
National Party of the Masses 2 3 Deputy
New Generation Movement 4 Deputy
Nhaj Aldimocrati 1 Deputy
Party of Turkmen decision 1 Deputy
Patriotic Union of Kurdistan 18 Deputy
People 's Party for Reform 2 Deputy
Professionals for construction 1 Deputy
Qusay Abbas / Shibaki - Independent 1 Deputy
Salahuddin Union 1 Deputy
tagamu Future Iraq 1 Deputy
tagamua al adala and al wahda 1 Deputy
tagamua of the men of iraq 1 Deputy
tagamua taawn 1 Deputy
The Civil Party 1 Deputy
The Social Democratic Trend 1 Deputy
The Work and Loyalty 1 Deputy
wahdat abna al iraq 1 1 Deputy



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