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The Monthly Report of the Iraqi Parliament Monitor for January 2014
The Monthly Report of the Iraqi Parliament Monitor for: December 2013
The Monthly Report of the Iraqi Parliament Monitor for November 2013


Iraqi Constitution
Session Discussion for Iraqi Parliament

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Second session/ Second period/ Fourth Year

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Session Report




  Deputies By Electoral Votes for Women Only

Maha Adel Mahdi Mohammed 31949 Votes
Barra Zaid Shaaban Mohammed Ahmed 22990 Votes
shler Aziz Ahmed Hussein 18175 Votes
Vian Dakhil Saeed Khidr 17275 Votes
Jalila Abdul Zahra Damid Mohsen 15423 Votes
Laq'a Jaafar Murtada Abdul Hussein 15367 Votes
Lana Mohammed Ali Abdul Rahman 14839 Votes
Nasreen Anwar Rasheed Thanoon 14350 Votes
Zain Nouri Ismail Salih 13889 Votes
Manal Hamid Hashim Abbas 12807 Votes
Golai Haji Omar Ahmed 12502 Votes
Asmaa Tohme Mehdi Gary 11877 Votes
Ashwaq Najm Al-Din Abbas Mohammed Jaf 11595 Votes
Najeeba Najeeb Ibrahim Khalid 11224 Votes
Iqbal Ali moaet Hammoud 10574 Votes
Zainab Thabit Kadhim Ali 10040 Votes
Hanan Saeed Mohsen Fatlawi 9200 Votes
Iman Jalal Mohammed Taher 9181 Votes
Iman Hassan Naama Najeeb 9126 Votes
Haifa Naseem Mohammed Ali 8609 Votes
Lubna Rahim Kareem Faizullah 8410 Votes
Zainab Abdul Ali Garde Al-Sahlana 8350 Votes
Iman Hamid Ali Zughayyar 8324 Votes
Alaa Tahssein Habib Ali 7242 Votes
Ghaida Saeed Abdul Majeed Abdul Hussein 6794 Votes
Etap Jassim Nassif Jassim 6424 Votes
Shatha Hamid Lillo Jubair 5910 Votes
Nahida Zaid Manhal Mana'a 5603 Votes
Amina Saeed Hassan Seydou 5339 Votes
Shayan Mohammed Tahar Saeed Ahmed 4820 Votes
Zala Younis Ahmed Hassan 4729 Votes
Amal Atiya Abdul Rahim Hassan 4721 Votes
Layla Hassan Shakour Kareem 4594 Votes
Rqea Abdul Mohammed Mahmoud 4585 Votes
Nada Abdullah Jassim Al Sudany 4438 Votes
Haifa Majali Jafar Hameed 4345 Votes
Mada Kadhim Hamza Hazzam 4295 Votes
Kuestan Kareem Ali Mohammed 4184 Votes
Antsar Hassan Ali Mnge 4032 Votes
Suhad Fadil Hamid Abbas 3998 Votes
Batoul Farouk Mohammed Ali Hassoun 3929 Votes
Huda Sajad Mahmoud Shaker 3752 Votes
Jinan Abdul Jabbar Yassin Ali 3658 Votes
Fatima Salman Zubari Salim 3576 Votes
Adela Hammoud Hussein Gueaid 3522 Votes
Faten Abdul Qadir Latif 3502 Votes
Iman Musa Hammadi Abtan 3465 Votes
Majida Abdul Latif Mohammed Ali 3455 Votes
Amal Sahib Hassan Hussein 3432 Votes
Kamila Kadhim Mohammed Mahdi 3369 Votes
Fatima Toman Abdul Hussein Halio 3299 Votes
Amirae Khudair Abbas Ali 3253 Votes
Karima Dawood Salman Abbas 3185 Votes
Noora Salim Mohammed Hammad 3157 Votes
Iman Abdul Razzaq Mohan Hassan 3122 Votes
Zainab Waheed Salman Ali 3113 Votes
Safia Taleb Ali Al-Suhail 2965 Votes
Rehab Naama Mktov Kashjori 2734 Votes
Sameeah Mohammed Khalifa Ghellab 2618 Votes
Suad Jabbar Mohammed Ali 2515 Votes
Suzan Eklawi Salih Hammoud 2447 Votes
Lqa'a Mahdi wardi Hamad 2400 Votes
Suad Hamid Lafta Jabr 2292 Votes
Najiha Abdul Amir Abdul Karim Habib 2085 Votes
Modrika Ahmed Mohammed Hassan 1983 Votes
Bassima Luay Hassoun Maain 1975 Votes
Wihda Mahmoud Fahad Abd 1775 Votes
Samira Jafar Ali Mohammed 1684 Votes
Afaf Abdul Razzaq Jubair 1457 Votes
Alia Nassif Jassim Mohammed 1405 Votes
Hana'a Turki Abd Hassan 1339 Votes
Maysaa Yahya Abdul Razaq Yahya 1251 Votes
Shfai Adel Younis Fahmi 1110 Votes
Wissal Salim Ali Mohammed 1044 Votes
Nada Mohammed Ibrahim Dawood 998 Votes
Amna Saadi Mahdi Salih 946 Votes
Azhar Abdul Kareem Abdul Wahab Al-Sheikhly 894 Votes
Antsar Ali Khadir Mahmoud 754 Votes
Faiza Kadhim Mohammed Waleed 752 Votes
Soraya Najm Abdullah Fattah 734 Votes
Bassima Youssef Boutros Juma 630 Votes


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