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Foundation to study the mechanisms of the perceptions of intellectual advancement independent Iraqi institution, seeks to contribute to the development of a culture of Iraqi society. Founded in April 2004. Been approved by the institution and the registration document issued by the Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation of the Republic of Iraq, the status of NGOs call (1B6401) in 01.08.2004. According to the registration document issued by the NGO in the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers call (411) on 30.11.2008.

Foundation includes:
First, perceptions of the Centre for Research and Studies.
Second, the Iraqi Center for the Culture of the Child.
Third: the quarterly magazine of intellectual perceptions.

IFC's vision:
Flaw detection system which distorted the concepts of community awareness in order to address its impact on the behavior and culture of individuals.

First, try to provide appropriate intellectual environment in preparation for the community to accept reforms.
Second: Activate the constructive dialogue between the components of Iraqi society and leading to the identity of the Iraqi participants.
Third, read the experiences of democracy in the building society of the State for use in the Iraqi reality
Fourth: to contribute to the development of a culture of Iraqi children.