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Nineveh Governorate Conference


 Madarek Foundation, in cooperation with the Humanitarian alkhat Foundation, launched its report on the performance of the Iraqi House of Representatives and the report of Nineveh Governorate, which documented the work of members of the House of Representatives representing Nineveh Governorate on the White House Hall on Saturday, 4/5/2024, in the presence of many university professors, social figures, dignitaries, as well as a number of government employees in the governorate and the Mayor of Nineveh.

  Muthanna Governorate Conference  
  Dialogue Seminar  

  Hussein Ali Hassan Reda Al-sabri Addressed to His Excellency the Minister of Interior about (the legal basis for contracting with Sky Horizon Company to issue the electronic passport and the amount payable by the citizen to obtain the electronic passport) 2023-08-12 Responded
  Hadi Hassan Merihej Hami Al Salami Addressed to the Minister of Finance on (a statement of the ministry’s procedures in reconstruction, combating corruption, automating the system in banks and ministry departments, and electronic connectivity) 2023-08-12 Responded
  Mohammad Jassim Mohammad Ali Mohammad Al Ali Addressed to the Minister of Interior about (the reasons for not terminating the electronic vehicle inspection contract (the tremor) so far, especially with the presence of legal violations and burdens on the citizens) 2023-08-12 Responded